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5 Reasons Why Companies Are Moving To SaaS

The pandemic hit us badly, but SaaS is helping businesses all over the world to quickly bounce back. Although not unprecedented, the SaaS revolution has found its place in transforming the IT industry to allow faster solution building.

One key area where SaaS has outperformed tech giants is in helping businesses pivot their business model in record time. If you are confused about whether you should go for a native development experience or a SaaS environment, here are 5 reasons to evaluate your choices.

1. Cost of implementation

Every new technology adoption brings with it the obvious question of costs and ROI.

Without much doubt, switching to a SaaS model could reduce overhead and running costs substantially. Not just because of the reduced server costs for maintaining databases and operating systems, but the level of updates and consistent improvements that you receive from a SaaS is just unparalleled by any other economic model.

In short:

  • You won't be billed heftily for maintenance and other routine jobs, and none of those would be your headache too. The SaaS vendor manages everything, and all you need to do is pay a fee to use the software.
  • There is no need to ideate or build your solution from scratch, which shortens the time required for you to start using the solution your way.
  • Your IT team is freed up from managing the software and can now focus instead on building other solutions for your business.
  • SaaS offerings have one overarching benefit over conventional systems - you are paying for only what you use, churning out the maximum bang for your investment. Needless to say, it is the most risk-free option with the lowest cost of ownership.

2. Accessibility across teams and customers

SaaS solutions have opened up a world of possibilities for regular customers who were previously tied up in cumbersome on-premise software development.

In all sense, these offerings can create loyal customer bases organically as there are no constraints for users to keep going with any particular software solution. And since everything is made available through the internet, customers and visitors could easily access the software reducing the initial barrier of software adoption.

  • Unlike on-premise solutions, SaaS is usually hosted on cloud servers making it immensely accessible from anywhere on the planet - with internet access of course.
  • Opening up software to everyone in your team does wonder in terms of productivity, collaboration, and uniformity of work.
  • As data is collected and maintained in a central system, SaaS makes it easy for teams to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily without involving IT teams to fetch datasets on their behalf.

3. Secure from threats

Maintaining an on-premise server and managing it to keep your data secure requires resources, and resources cost money.

SaaS vendors offer the storage of mission-critical data on cloud servers and have teams ready to tackle cyber threats so that you could focus on the administrative side of things.

  • In a cloud-hosted environment, there is less surface area for cyber attacks to occur, and even if it does the recovery and firefighting would not be your trouble as it is the vendor's responsibility to get things back on track quickly.
  • Physical backups are always vulnerable to failure and can become a weak link in your operation. SaaS offerings are built on the foundation of real-time backups, preventing data loss at all costs. The maximum you could stand to lose is a couple of minutes worth of data compared to hours or even complete wipeout of data stored in physical servers.
  • It is often seen that on-premise systems require a lot of steps to onboard people into their software environment, especially new hires. This trouble is literally non-existent in a SaaS environment as every access can be easily assigned with proper user roles without hassle.

4. Fast loading and faster updates

The biggest advantage of SaaS offerings is their ability to free up your team from coding duties. Nothing has to be built from the ground up and work can literally start within hours of introduction to the right tool.

  • With zero time spent on building server infrastructure, designing the right coding algorithm to run your systems, and employing security teams to create access controls for the in-progress product on-premise, SaaS tools can help you launch your business at the click of a button.
  • SaaS vendors are responsible to make services quicker and they consistently evolve into better products as time progresses. This is a huge benefit for clients as their spending can be kept to a minimum while ensuring faster systems.
  • Vendors constantly think of ways to make their processes quicker and release updates regularly. Subscribers to the platform can often enjoy these updates free of cost or at a marginal fee and get a greater ROI for using the ready-made solution.

5. Reliable and stable solutions

All businesses expect a level of scalability and compatibility from their developed solutions. Although this is the idea with which companies build native applications, bugs and crashes are a common menace in almost all cases.

SaaS tools are always evolving, making sure that customers never feel constrained by their services. They take special care about the user experience and quickly realize pain points for daily users and guests to the system.

  • As they have development teams constantly tweaking their offering, SaaS tools are ideal for companies that are looking to scale up their business rapidly.
  • Since it is a service model, vendors usually are proactive to address your pain points and customize their offering to fit your needs.
  • Cloud-based tools offer virtually zero downtime making it a perfect choice for businesses that collaborate with customers and teams across the globe.

Summing Up

There are occasions where an on-premise solution could benefit a particular type of business. But the widespread acceptance of SaaS across industries proves how effective it is at the moment. We have found Undaku to be very effective for customers to build their solutions on the fly and improve their products with time. If you'd like to see a SaaS work up close, [ try a Test Run] today.